About Us

Downtown Hattiesburg, Mississippi is a unique blend of historic preservation and modern sophistication. The historic architecture throughout Downtown reflects the City’s past while the vibrant energy of Downtown heralds it’s path forward. The artistic and cultural center of the City, Downtown Hattiesburg is a place for unique shopping and dining experiences.  With a thriving live music scene and a wide variety of events that celebrate the rich diversity of the community.  Downtown is where you can explore the past, see the present and help mold the future of Mississippi’s Hub City.

Downtown Hattiesburg (HHDA), a designated Main Street America™ program

Downtown Hattiesburg, is a non-profit organization committed to the mission of downtown revitalization.  Since it’s founding in 1985, Downtown Hattiesburg has helped spearhead the revitalization of Hattiesburg’s historic downtown core.  As a Mississippi Main Street program, the organization and its members, working in partnership with city and county government, strategically follow the Main Street Approach™ organized around the Four Points: Economic Vitality, Design, Promotion, and Organization, to tackle it’s mission.

Through this program we are able to promote, market and educate investors, developers, entrepreneurs, businesses, shoppers, visitors and residents, that downtown Hattiesburg is a destination- a place to live, work, and play.

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Downtown Hattiesburg’s core mission is the revitalization of the downtown district in the context of historic preservation and economic vitality, making downtown the vibrant and creative center of Hattiesburg.

Downtown Hattiesburg’s vision is to achieve this mission through promotion of the historic district and its heritage, protection of its historic character, and provision of an organizational structure to achieve it’s goals, with a focus on the economic development of the district.

Hattiesburg Landmark Preservation, Inc. (HLP)

HHDA establish Hattiesburg Landmark Preservation, Inc. (HLP) in 2007 as  as 501(c)3 charitable organization for the purpose of perserving buildings and other structures that are significant in the history of Hattiesburg, providing certain educational programming,  and for receiving donations and grants.

Numerous activities on behalf of HHDA have been conducted through HLP.