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Why it’s important

Downtown Hattiesburg (HHDA) Committee volunteers are the wheels that make Main Street move. Our committee volunteers create timelines and decide how to accomplish the yearly goals set forth by the board of directors. If you are interested in serving on an HHDA Committee to help promote the Hattiesburg Downtown District, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Organization Committee


Organization is the foundation of the entire Main Street program. A strong organizational base with committed funding will enable HHDA to enact an effective revitalization program. By partnering with the various and diverse groups in the community to reach consensus on important issues while creating a shared vision for Downtown Hattiesburg, the program will be consistently strong. This committee is responsible for creatively building a solid financial foundation and keeping the lines of communication open to the public. Through the Organization Committee, the businesses in downtown are actively involved in the development and growth of the Main Street Program. As part of the Four Point Approach to Main Street revitalization, the Organization Committee is responsible for the following:

Sub-Committees include:

Promotion Committee


To market a unified, quality image of the business district as the center of activities, goods and services to retailers, shoppers, investors and Tourists.  Coordinating advertising, promoting positive images of the downtown, implementing special events and establishing and maintaining good media relations.


Design Committee


To create an attractive, coordinated and quality image of the downtown by capitalizing on its unique assets and heritage.  The committee’s responsibilities do not lie solely with the improvement of traditional commercial buildings:  It should be involved in all aspects of Design that affect downtown’s image.  Analyzing parking, coordinating window displays, signage and acting as a design resource for property owners, and holding several clean-up and planting days per year.

Recent and Current Projects Include:

Economic Restructuring Committee


To develop a market strategy that will result in an improved retail mix, a stronger tax base, increased investor confidence and a stable role for the downtown as a major component of the city’s economy. Working with the Design Committee to plan and implement appropriate incentives to encourage design improvements and property development activities. Directing activities related to downtown commercial and residential real estate development. Conducting and maintaining a comprehensive inventory of downtown businesses and available properties.