5 Suggestions For Small Businesses

1. Keep track of your revenue losses for your businesses. Do it by date and location if you have multiple ones. Put it in a document, spreadsheet or your software platform. It will be needed for your economic injury relief later – whether that is in the form of any grants, loans, business disruption insurance or other stimulus efforts.  Know your numbers.

2. Call your bank to defer loan payments or try to renegotiate for lower interest rates. Fed Chairman Powell just dropped them again.

3.  Call your utility providers to defer power, gas, phone payments as you can.

4. Urge your circle of influence to advocate for your needs with the action alerts for restaurant recovery through the National Restaurant Association. It will strengthen our efforts.

5.  Take every step and precaution to stay healthy and safe!! You are a valued, respected part of what makes Hattiesburg the special place that it is!! This community will come back so strong, and we want all of you to be a part of our incredible comeback story!!!