This calorie-scorching class fuses power yoga with cardio-intensive dance + body sculpting movement that stabilize and strengthen the body.
Instead of linear, repetitive movements, BUTI challenges the body along all planes of motion, incorporating elements of shaking + vibration to help release stores of energy your body would otherwise continue to hold on to.
We rock out to the rhythm in BUTI, allowing the music to guide our movement in intuitive ways, forcing us out of our heads + in back into our bodies in a safe environment. BUTI isn’t a workout. It’s a chance to create, let go, and connect with yourself in a whole new frame of mind.
In this 1 hour 15 min class, Emmalee will teach you the basics and dynamics of a Buti Yoga class. All levels, beginners, and first timers are welcomed!
The cost of the class is $15 per person. 18 years and up.
Please bring your own yoga mat, towel, and water.
Tickets must be purchased online via the ticket link.
Class limited to 18 participants.
Some music may contain explicit lyrics.
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    Hattiesburg Ballroom & Beyond
    208 W Pine Street, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, 39401, United States
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