Eat & Drink

Often the greatest treasures of a community are the hidden gems of
locally owned businesses. Downtown Hattiesburg is rich in a wide variety
of eateries, bars, and night life.

Things To Do

Downtown Hattiesburg is excellent shopping and activities for individuals and groups of all ages. With more than 150 annual events throughout the year, there’s always something fun to do in downtown!

Festivals & Events

Whether on eof the many year-round tours and trails available in
Downtown Hattiesburg or the well-loved annual and pop-up events
taking place in the district, there’s always something new to keep locals
and visitors entertained and immersed in Hattiesburg’s local culture.

Downtown Hattiesburg

Hattiesburg’s Downtown district is distinctively authentic with a rich history, creative vibe, engaging atmosphere, and compelling architecture. With its own sense of place and personality, Downtown is truly the heartbeat of Hattiesburg! From live music and pop-up art exhibits to eateries that are tried and true, the Downtown area thrives by its unique, artistic offerings and the people who patron it.

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