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Downtown is the heart of Hattiesburg, where the entrepreneurial spirit is abundant and on full display. From site selections and permitting to celebrating grand openings, Downtown Hattiesburg offers an excellent cooperative network with the city and county to open a business or expand a location here.

How to Get Started:  

Hattiesburg Retail Market Analysis (2024)

Hattiesburg Opportunity Guide (2024)

Are you thinking of starting a business but now sure where to start?  Let our “Steps to Starting a Business” be your quick start guide.

Financial Programs & Technical Assistance:
Downtown Hattiesburg Investor Information
Downtown Business Incentives

Southeast Mississippi Community Investment Corporation (SEMCIC)

GAP Financing
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State of Mississippi
MS Small Business Development Center
Small Business Classes & Workshops
Minority Business Enterprise Loan Program
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Hattiesburg, MS (Forrest County) Profiles

2024 Downtown Market Information

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Land Development Resources

The Downtown Business District is largely zoned B-4. It is intended to promote the concentration and vitality of commercial and business uses in the historic central business area of the City and as such, encourages a mixture of complementary uses with a pedestrian orientation. This district is characterized by wall-to-wall and lot-line-to-lot-line development, pedestrian walkways, a vertical mix of uses, upper floor residential uses, and off-street public parking lots.

Current Land Development Code

Historic Conservation District

Downtown Hattiesburg is a designated as a local historic conservation district.  That means that all buildings in this district fall under the perview of the Hattiesburg Historic Conservation Commission for the protection, enhancement and perpetuation of the historic character of the district.

The Hattiesburg Historic Conservation Commission (HHCC) is a 9-member board of citizen volunteers who are appointed by the Mayor, with the approval of the City Council, to guide the historic preservation process. The Commission meets monthly on the second Wednesday to review applications for Certificates of Appropriateness (COA).

The review process is guided by the Historic Conservation Ordinance and the Hattiesburg Design Guidelines Manual, based on the U.S. Department of the Interior Standards for Rehabilitation for Historic Preservation Projects.

Applications for COA’s must be submitted by Noon on Friday, 12 days prior to the regular HHCC meeting (2nd Wednesday of the month). Applications for COA’s require a Pre-Application meeting with the Historic Preservation Planner (2nd Floor City Hall, Planning Division, 200 Forrest Street).

Historic Conservation District Map

Historic Design Guidelines Manual 2021

HHCC Certificate of Appropriateness Application