By: Mia Monet

Over the last few years, the Downtown Hattiesburg Association has been working hard to revitalize the area, and Nelson Haskin Jr. is a business owner who has worked with them to bring businesses downtown.

“I mean, it was never really my goal to have four restaurants, but I kind of look at them all as one big restaurant since we’re all walking distance. So, we kind of treat it that way,” said Haskin.

Recently, Haskin reopened his fourth business, Blu Jazz Café, downtown. It is also on the same block on Front Street.

“Okay, we have Blu Jazz Café …. Nellie’s Chicken in Daiquiris, Southbound Bagel and Coffee Shop and Hattiesburgers and Blues,” said Haskin.

Andrea Saffle is the executive director of Downtown Hattiesburg. She says she’s happy to have Haskin and his businesses a part of downtown.

“You know, he’s got great ideas. He’s very thoughtful about each of his businesses and how he goes about getting open and what he is making sure that each one has something specific that they’re offering,” says Saffle.

Saffle says she is always looking for other creative entrepreneurs to add to downtown. Haskin says he is always telling people about the good things in the area.

“I told several people across the city about what’s happening downtown, and I always say that downtown is open for business,” said Haskins.

Saffle says, if you are interested in bringing your business to the downtown area, contact you can contact her by sending an email to Andrea@DowntownHattiesburg.com.